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Ships Models

Since its inception, the Ballina Naval and Maritime Museum has been fortunate in having a dedicated crew of model makers who have contributed to what has grown to become a world-class display featuring vessels from sail to the modern era. 

We have also been fortunate in being gifted many models by builders who have heard of our displays or visited the museum. These represent many thousands of hours of detailed labour and dedication to detail.

Visitors will find models representing ships from the navies of the world as well as merchant and civilian ships displayed in a dedicated gallery.   At present, we have over two hundred a fifty models illustrating the role of shipping in world and military history. 

Our collection continues to grow.


Monday - Sunday: 09am ‒ 04pm
7 Days per week
Closed: Christmas & Good Friday

Adults: $5
Children & Students: $2
Children with height under counter top: FREE

Ballina Naval & Maritime Museum
8 Regatta Lane Ballina NSW Australia
+61 2 6686 1002